What are QR Codes and Why should you Use them?

What are QR code

What the heck are QR codes?

Perhaps you’ve started to notice those fuzzy black and white images on products or websites and wondered what the heck they are.  Well, they are called QR codes, and they are quickly revolutionizing the way that many people do business.  QR codes can automate and store a tremendous amount of information and allow users to quickly access this information.  Using software on a cell phone or computer, users can get information from QR codes instantly.

A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that appears as a black and white pattern.  There is encoded data on the code, similar to the bar codes that you may see in retail stores, yet these codes often appear on websites and the encoded data is usually a URL, geo coordinates or other computer-related information that is intended to be decoded quickly by a special bar code reader.  The term “QR” is short for “quick response.”

How QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business Website

It is critical that you keep your website up to date if you want to continue to get traffic or increase your traffic.  Making regular updates is one of the main objectives when talking about search engine optimization (SEO).  Regular addition of fresh content keeps Google or other search engines interested, keeping your site ranked higher.  QR codes can be one way for you to keep adding fresh content!

There are several uses for QR codes when it comes to your website.  Having a system in place that can automatically generate a QR code for every product on your site makes it easier for your customers to contact you, return for the exact item they were considering, or share with friends.  Adding QR codes to any printed media that you use, such as flyers, posters or business cards will allow you to code multiple pieces of information instantly, including details about products, contact information for your business, special offers, coupons or links to your site.

How to Create QR Codes

There are several software programs that allow you to create your very own QR codes pretty easily.  Try one of the most common ones, such as Kaywa, iCandy, or StickyBits to get you started with using QR codes for your business.  These programs are pretty user friendly and will walk you through the development and implementation of your own QR codes, helping you to individualize the codes and include the most relevant information for your purposes.


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  1. Great point! Some of the simplest marketing strategies are the most effective. Thanks for the comment Neil.

  2. I think if social media plays any part in your marketing strategy you should at least investiagte how these could your campaigns, they cost nothing and only take a tiny amount of space, so they have to worth at least testing

  3. Hi Deb, I put keywords and contact information in my code. The keywords helps SEO and the code makes it easy for people to scan with their cell phones and capture my contact information. Hope that helps, thanks for the question.

  4. Still not totally sure of the benefit for my site. Can you explain a bit more in detail – you know me with computer information!!

  5. You can embed keywords, contact information, etc.

    It makes it easier for your customers to contact you, return for the exact item they were considering, or share with friends.

  6. What is the benefit to putting them on your site? I understand on marketing materials.

  7. Great article on QR Code technologies. Thought I would share 2 links with you for any follow-up posts:

    Hope you enjoy,


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