What Color is Your Brand?

Branding business coachAny business branding effort has to make image a priority. Color is an essential element of the process of building an image. You have probably noticed that many Fortune 500 company’s are recognized by their distinct colors. Consider the potential impact the color you choose as part of your brand strategy can have to establish your company’s image with potential clients and customers.

Importance of Color

Although it might seem trivial, color affects the memory recall of consumers. Once you have chosen the color, you must then use that in all of your business promotional materials to further enhance the prominence of the color in association with your company and its products or services. Each color has universal meaning that you must take into account before using them in your business branding efforts. Here are basic colors to consider:


The color blue, universally speaking, is a well-liked color. It conveys a feeling of trust, responsibility, and security. That is why blue is used so often in the business industry. It gives a positive vibe as it is a color associated with the sea and sky. Think about how often you see blue logos. IBM, Ford Motor Company, General Motors,


Another popular color used in several brand of company. The color red stimulates your senses rapidly, hence it is an attention grabbing color that creates the impression of being aggressive and energetic. This color is utilized by businesses who want to evoke emotion and quick response from potential customers. Fast food chains typically use the color red because it exhibits a hot, burning and intensify attitude.


In terms of its universal meaning, green connotes health and serenity. But the meaning can differ though according to the shades of green used. Lighter shades of green produce a calming effect while darker ones exude wealth and prestige.


This is a color closely associated with the sun. Therefore, it is a color that you might want to use if you want to establish a positive message of optimism and warmth. There are also varying shades for this color but their meaning ranges from creating motivation to producing positive energy. Bright yellows effectively captures the eyes, so you might want to use this color for displays and you can get people’s attention, which is the first step in every purchase process.


This is a classic choice of color for a business brand. Aside from that, it also connotes a bold, powerful, and sophisticated persona. Therefore, this color is quite common for expensive products or most sophisticated gadgets.


As always, white signifies simplicity and purity. Because any white object produce a certain level of brightness, it is good for use on signages. The same with black, it also helps you achieve a professional and powerful image. This color is best associated with products relating to health and sanitary care.

Use all these pointers when choosing a color for use on your business branding strategy and you will be able to produce more impact on your marketing campaigns.

Question: What made you choose the colors you chose for your logo?  If you haven’t created a logo for your business yet, will this information factor into your choices?  I’d love to know your thoughts!


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  1. Thanks for your comment Carrie. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed this article Cheryl! I have thought about color before for decorating purposes and the meaning but actually didn’t with my brand. Good thing it worked out as I have a lot of blue going on so it works. Thanks for yet another great article!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Michael! I did choose green because of the connotation of health and wellness, I used green for MichiganHealthCoach.com as well. Plus it’s my favorite color. 🙂 But it was part of the branding strategy for sure. I appreciate your comments!

  4. Blue is a great color, my husband uses it in all of his businesses, and we often recommend it to our branding clients. I love the yellow accent! Are you a U of M fan? 😉 That’s great that you hired a consultant when you began building your brand.

  5. When I first looked at your website Cheryl, I immediately was impressed by it’s colors and style too. The green showed me you were interested in health and wellness and the white for me represented purity, clarity, etc. It was a very trusting, organic, and professional presentation.

  6. Hi Cheryl,

    Nice article on branding colors. I found it to be very true. It was a friend of mine who mentored me on this many years ago. She is a large business owner and she suggested I use blue as a primary color in my branding to represent trust and a professional business. Blue also worked well for me personally as it was the color of my uniform as a former canine police officer.

    So blue is my primary color with yellow and red also contained in the logo. On my truck the logo shows up great on the window with black as a background and the website name and phone number pop out at the viewer because they are yellow in color on the black background. Once again, thanks for the excellent article.

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