Your Brand is Right In Front of Your Face

mybMany business owners struggle with their “brand.”  Marketers are notorious for “rebranding.”   Branding companies are kept in business because business owners often feel lost in the land of brand.

But if you click your ruby red shoes together, you’ll find that you have been at home in your brand all along.

A strategic brand plan should begin with a detailed depiction of who your most ideal clients are, and then describe the solutions your market is seeking.  This is more important than any color, logo, or tagline.  You should target your brand to your clients, but integrate everything that you bring to the table in a way that creates an environment in which you both feel comfortable spending time.

Yet, the visual look of your brand is extremely important. If your branding is dated, cluttered or has a “do it yourself” look, you could be losing leads by the minute as prospective clients and visitors will indeed judge the book by its cover.

Your brand should reflect your personality, passions, and talents.  It can be difficult to convey YOU when handing your branding over to a professional. It’s up to you to take control of the feel, look and design of your marketing.

The truth is that you already have designed your brand, and it’s right in front of your face, right this minute.

Take a look at your office.  Look around your home. Take stock in your clothing, and your style.  Your taste, style and flair is everywhere, right down to the car you drive, the meals you eat, and the jewelry you choose.

Are you fancy or casual?  High end or homey? Patterned or plain?  Upscale or shabby chic? Luxury or budget friendly? Vintage or modern?

Look at the colors you’ve chosen.  Here is a photo of my living room, does it look like me?  Notice the earthy colors, and the vibrant art work.  My chairs and pillows are fun and whimsical with fringe accents.


If your home and style aren’t a fit for who you currently are and where you’re headed, maybe you want to buy all new stuff in the very near future, then go to the store and see where your eye is drawn.  Take photos of what you would want to buy.

Go to a bookstore and see what catches your attention.  Put the photos together to create a collage.  There are many photo collage apps that would allow you to see everything within one screen.


Your brand should be a natural extension of you, if you are the face of your brand.  If you want people to buy into you, then you must show them who you are, not who someone else thinks you should be.

Put your brand glasses on and take in everything that you have already chosen that surrounds you, and then create a brand that is beautifully you and you will attract clients who love everything you have to offer.

If you have any comments or thoughts, please leave me a comment below, and thanks for reading!


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